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Keepr's British Honey

Founded in 2014, The British Honey Company are purveyors of the finest 100% British honey products, from hives to jars to gin, and now rum, vodka and bourbon too.

The British Honey Company are proud to support beekeepers and in turn the British Honey Bee. These truly special little creatures pollinate our crops and plants, without them we wouldn’t have much to eat.

No dilution. No pasteurisation. No additives.

We’re also a part of the Bee Farmers Association - the voice of professional beekeeping in the United Kingdom (UK). As the commercial trade association for the sector, it represents around 450 bee farming businesses. Its members produce honey throughout the UK and supply products in bulk, for wholesale and for retail. In addition, the association provides contract pollination services to growers.

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Keepr's British Honeycomb - 190g

Delicious 100% British honey in its most natural form. This can be eaten right out the tub, or break it up and add to salads, desserts, or a delicious topping...

Keepr's Wildflower Honey - 227g

Our pure unadulterated 100% British Honey is lovingly collected from the hives of bees that gathered the pollen and nectar of wildflowers. A deliciously sweet and fruity natural honey. Country...

Keepr's Heather Honey - 227g

100% Honey containing Welsh Ling Heather (calluna vulgaris) pollen with a very strong distinctive flavour, highly sought after by our customers. Multi-Floral honey handled with care from beehive to jar...

Keepr's Cotswold Honey - 227g

100% British Honey collected from apiaries in the Cotswolds. Capturing all the unique flavour of the local Cotswold flowers. Pairs with toast, jam and marmalade at breakfast or teatime. Multi-Floral...

Keepr's Borage Honey - 227g

100% British Honey with Borage and other blossoms. It has a clear pale colour and a light delicate flavour. It is ideal as all-round honey. Mouth-wateringly smooth and great on...

Keepr's Blueberry Honey - 227g

100% British Honey with Blueberry and other pollens. It is a rich and sturdy medium honey. Strong and sweet, with earthy components, this is delectable honey. Cheese Pairing with Stilton,...

Keepr's Apple Blossom Honey - 227g

100% British Honey containing apple blossom pollen and other pollens from the Vale of Evesham. Unusual fine light honey with a hint of apple. Handled with care from beehive to...
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