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Heart of Beer. Soul of Wine. Brewed to be together.

When entire worlds collide, something entirely unique is born. Viva Extra Brut combines the best of beer and wine, brimming with pure Belgian craftsmanship and brewed with true heart and soul.

Our master brewer found inspiration in the best natural wines, exploring unique grape varieties and lesser-known strains of wine yeast. Viva brings the heart of beer and the soul of wine together. Hops and grapes, champagne yeast and wild wine yeast. Giving time and place for every flavour to develop through meticulous triple fermentation.

100% Belgium. 100% Natural. 40% Chardonnay. 11.5% ABV. 3x Fermented.

Viva Extra Brut, uncategorisable.

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  • Viva Extra Brut - 750ml
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