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Dodd's Organic Gin

The London Distillery Company, founded in 2011, was born out of a desire to bring whiskey distilling back to London more than 200 years after it was originally set up by Ralph Dodd – an engineer and entrepreneur.

The London Distillery Company is currently best known for its award-winning range of organic spirits under the Dodd’s brand, 5 year old LV-1767 Rye Whiskey & Cask 109 – the first whiskeys made in London for over a century.

Dodd’s Gin is a tribute to this relatively unheard of 19th Century innovator. A man who had some pretty big ideas - like patenting a building system that was over 150 years ahead of his time and constructing the first underwater tunnel. They are spirits for curious consumers around the world, just like Dodd, who have a passion for the new and undiscovered.

A company of The British Honey Company as of January 2020. 

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Dodd's Explorer's Citrus & Spice Organic Gin - 500ml

A quintessentially organic British gin distilled with unique and rare peppercorns from the Far East. Juniper, coriander, cardamom, 100% British honey, and dried and fresh lemons, are expertly distilled with...

Dodd's Old Tom Organic Gin - 500ml

This organic gin is an older style of gin recipe, traditionally slightly sweeter than its London Dry counterpart - bridging the gap between modern ‘London Dry’ gins and older Genevers....

Dodd's Organic Dry Gin - 500ml

Dodd’s Gin is a bold, juniper-forward gin with sublime top notes. The lion’s share of its organic ingredients are distilled in our traditional alembic copper still while the more delicate...
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