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Keepr's Gin & Spirits


The British Honey Company was launched in 2014 in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire in the beautiful village of Yarnton. Expanding across Oxfordshire, each of one of our hives work endlessly to pollenate British meadows and hedgerows and provide you with our scrumptious 100% British honey. We have over 275 hives of our own in England and source the finest honey from Bee Farmers accredited by the Nation Bee Farmers Association additionally.

All our honey is tested for provenience and assurance of no foreign impurities. Our range includes Cotswold, Blueberry, Apple Blossom, Heather, Borage & cut comb dripping with raw British honey.


Our Master Distiller has produced a range of wonderfully inspired honey & fruit infusions, including our Keepr’s London Dry Gin infused with Cotswold Honey.

Made in small batches and only using 100% British Honey from our own hives, this gin is smooth and easy to drink with a distinct honey sweetness.

Our range has since expanded into a selection of various Keepr’s Gins, Vodkas and Rums which can be simply mixed to create a wonderful array of cocktails, adding a welcome twist on the classics.

Limwood is delighted to be the Exclusive Distributor of the Keepr's range of Gin & Spirits in Singapore!

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Keepr's Classic London Dry Gin with Cotswold Honey - 70cl

Made in small batches ranging from 300 to 500, our Classic London Dry Gin has been carefully distilled with only the finest botanicals to create a superb infusion with 100%...

Keepr's British Strawberry, Lavender & Honey Gin - 70cl

Our Classic London Dry Gin has been carefully distilled with only the finest botanicals tocreate a superb infusion with delicious Strawberries sourced from around the British countryside, a hint of...

Keepr's Lemon & Pepper London Dry Gin - 70cl

A quintessentially British Gin distilled with unique and rare peppercorns from the FarEast. Juniper, Coriander, Cardamom, dried and fresh lemons are expertly distilled withCubeb, Moudulkiri Red, Vietnamese Long Red and...

Keepr's British Raspberry & Honey Gin - 70cl

Classic London Dry Gin has been carefully distilled with only the finest botanicals and combined to create a superb infusion with delicious British Raspberries and our 100% unadulterated Honey sourced from the...

Keepr's British Elderberry, Mulberry & Honey Gin (Seasonal) - 700ml

Our Classic London Dry Gin infused with British Elderberries, Mulberries and 100% Pure British Honey from our own hives.  Ingredients: Juniper Berries, Coriander, Angelica Seed, Orris Root, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Angelica...

Keepr's Honey Spiced Rum - 70cl

Using 100% Organic Molasses from Unrefined Muscovado Sugar Cane produced in the fields of Florida, this Triple Distilled Rum is made proudly by Cuban Master Distiller, Edis Zurita. With over 35...

Keepr's British Apple & Honey Vodka - 70cl

Our premium British Vodka has been infused with delicious British Apples and 100% unadulterated British Honey from our own hives. Appearance: Clear, Apple Green. Nose: Delightful Apple and slightly sweet Honey...

Keepr's Green Tea & British Honey Gin - 70cl

Our Extra London Dry Gin has been carefully infused with rare Chinese single estate green tea from Ban’Mu and our 100% unadulterated British honey from our own hives. This speciality green...
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