TGIF! Special – Hello Keepr’s Hard Seltzers!

Say Hello to Award-Winning Hard Seltzers 

Unlike other alcoholic sparkling waters, Keepr’s all-natural fruit-flavoured Hard Seltzers are made with a Premium Vodka base and a hint of 100% British Honey from their own hives.
The British Honey Company took home three Silver medals in the DB & SB Autumn Blind Tasting 2020 for all three flavours of its Hard Seltzers. 

Our ready-to-drink Hard Seltzers are perfect for on-the-go scenarios - No mixing required! 
With low calories and low sugar, they serve as refreshing, light and flavourful alternatives!

Limwood Gourmet is delighted to be the Exclusive Distributor of Keepr's Hard Seltzers in Singapore. 

Discover Keepr's Hard Seltzers Here!

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