TGIF! Special - Dodd’s Gimlet + A Sneak Peek into Limwood Lifestyle

This TGIF! Special brings you an exclusive snippet of our very own monthly eMagazineLimwood Lifestyle! 

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Treat yourself this Friday with Refreshing Cocktail - Dodd’s Gimlet, made from an Award-Winning, Organic and Eco-Friendly Gin!  

It’s a simple three-ingredient recipe that should be in every cocktail lover’s back pocket. So, grab your favorite bottle of gin, and let’s make a gimlet! 

You’ll Need These 

– 50ml Gin (We recommend Dodd’s Organic Dry Gin)  

– 25ml Lime Juice 

– 25ml Gomme (Sugar) Syrup 

– Lime to Garnish 

– Ice Cubes, As Needed 


You’ll Do This 

  1. Put all ingredients in a cocktail shaker & shake hard for 30 seconds.  
  1. Strain and serve in a coupe or martini glass. 
  1. Garnish with a lime wheel twist. 


Tips for Taste 

We suggest freshly-squeezed lime juice. As an alternative to Gomme or Sugar Syrup, a touch of honey can do the trick. 


Award-winning Dodd's Organic London Dry Gin is extraordinarily versatile and deserves a place in any bar (home bars included!). Superb simply with tonic or shaken into your favourite cocktail.

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