Introducing Dodd's Organic Gin Collection

What a Treat to Introduce an Award-Winning Range of Organic and Eco-Friendly Gins!

The London Distillery Company, founded in 2011, was born out of a desire to bring whiskey distilling back to London more than 200 years after it was originally set up by Ralph Dodd – an engineer and entrepreneur.

Dodd’s Gins are a tribute to this relatively unheard of 19th Century innovator. A man who had some pretty big ideas like patenting a building system that was over 150 years ahead of his time and constructing the first underwater tunnel.

Dodd's Gin is made using the highest quality, organic ingredients and its botanicals include juniper, cardamom, angelica root, bay leaf, lime peel, red raspberry leaf and locally-sourced honey. 

 Dodd's 2020 Awards Roll Call

Limwood Gourmet is delighted to be the Exclusive Distributor of Dodd's Gins in Singapore.

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