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Kickstart your Friday evening with this delicious cocktail, made from #Keeprs Classic #LondonDryGin infused with British elderberries, mulberries and 100% pure #BritishHoney!

You’ll Need These

- 100ml Keepr's British Elderberry, Mulberry & Honey Gin

- 7 Mint Leaves

- 6 Chopped Strawberries

- 6 Orange Slices

- 6 Cucumber Slices

- Ice Cubes, as needed

- Soda Water or Ginger Ale, as needed


You’ll Do This

1. Fill a 2 litre jug with ice.

2. Add the mint leaves, strawberries, orange and cucumber.

3. Add 100ml of Keepr's British Elderberry, Mulberry & Honey Gin and top with soda water or ginger ale.

4. As a guide there should be 1 part gin to 7 parts ginger ale/soda water. 

Our Berry Punch is a perfect party kick starter. If you love strawberries (who doesn’t?), drop a few extra in the jug. 

This seasonal creation from Keepr's is a best friend of professional and amateur mixologists alike.

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