Create a Delicious Absinthe Cocktail in 3 Steps!

The combination of lemon and sugar does a wonderful job of balancing out the anise flavour.  

You'll Need These:
- 30ml Absinthe (We recommend Gin Kitchen Eternal Absinthe)
- 120ml Chilled Rosé Lemonade
You'll Do These:
1. Pour Absinthe into a chilled glass.
2. Top with Rosé Lemonade.
3. Garnish with a Lime, Lemon or Orange Wedge.
Tips for Taste:
1 For a extra refreshing taste, toss in some peppermint leaves.
2. Top with splash of soda water if you like your cocktails bubbly.
3. Add a handful of ice if you prefer it milder.

A contemporary absinthe with the addition of rose petals for a delicate moreish finish and deep amber colour.

Gently distilled in a small traditional copper pot still and macerated with rose petals for 24 hours. The porcelain bottles feature wrap-around tattoo artwork.

Create your Eternal Rose Here!

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