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1606 Gin & Vodka

1606 drinks began with a vision to create pure-tasting, high quality British spirits. Flavoursome Gin and Vodka that is affordable, but still tastes great.

With this mission in mind, we pass our spirits 18 times through our copper pot still’s distillation plates with natural spring water for ultimate purity. It’s the spring water that gives it the edge, and which back in 1606 was claimed to have health-giving properties, when discovered by Dudley Lord North, a courtier to King James I.

While we can’t go as far as saying our spirits are ‘healing’ today, we can, through our traditional methods and commitment to using natural ingredients, guarantee their quality and distinctively clean and smooth taste. Everything a good gin or vodka needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

Because at the end of the day, we want everyone to appreciate the pure simplicity of a perfectly made 1606 Gin and Vodka.

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1606 English Vodka - 700ml

Our signature 1606 Vodka is a copper distilled Premium Vodka using superior wheat-based spirit. Distinctively clean tasting, passing through 18 distillation plates with spring water for ultimate purity. Expertly produced...

1606 London Dry Gin - 700ml

A London Dry Gin single batch distilled using the finest grain spirit and blended with seven classic botanicals of juniper berries, coriander, angelica seed, orris root, liquorice root, lemon peel...
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